workshop /ˈwɜːk.ʃɒp/

n. group of people involved in study or work

on a creative project


We use a server-based computer-assisted translation system by ATRIL Language Engineering, Ltd which relies on the most advanced information technologies (Déjà Vu X2 Team Server). The operation of this system involves the creation of translation memories. These store previously translated source texts and their translated equivalents in a central database (TM) and retrieve related segments from it during the translation of new texts, so continuously improving the size of the database and increasing the cohesion of translations.

Deja Vu X2 Team Server

source text translation target text translators translation memory


  • Cost reduction (translations from $0.06 per word)
  • Translation of large amounts of text within a short period of time (up to 250 pages a day)
  • Ensuring a consistent style and terminology (through creation of lexicons and terminology databases)
  • Keeping the structure of source files (e.g. XML, HTML, SGML)
  • It is possible to export translations automatically to DTP programs (Adobe In Design, Quark)
  • Keeping the formatting of the source text
  • Conversion of PDF files to editable text formats
  • Development of dedicated translation memories
  • It is possible to use translation memories which include your own terminology

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