practice /'præktɪs/

n. repeated activity to learn

or perfect a skill; excercise

Services / Interpretation / Sight interpreting

Sight interpretation is interpretation of a written text received by the translator, usually without any time for preparation. Such interpreting services are usually delivered by a certified translator at a notary's office or in a courtroom, when an interested party must be made familiar with the contents of a document presented in a foreign language.

Sight interpreting requires excellent language skills, a good memory, quick thinking, resistance to stress, and good powers of attention and concentration on the part of the interpreter. The greatest challenge for the interpreter is the lack of familiarity with the contents and the context of the entire document while being expected to read and translate the required fragments. To make the translation correct, coherent and fluent, the translator must take in as much of the text as possible and be able to translate it into the target language immediately.

mLingua is one of few companies on the market offering sight interpretation to courts and legal offices. Our translators usually assist in the following notarial and legal activities:

  • Drawing up notarial deeds
  • Drawing up confirmations of inheritance acquisition
  • Drawing up certificates verifying that an extract or copy of a document presented is a true copy
  • Taking minutes (e.g. at general meetings of social organisations, companies)
  • Witness interrogations and depositions.

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