practice /'præktɪs/

n. repeated activity to learn

or perfect a skill; excercise

Services / Audiovisual translation / Subtitles for the deaf

Subtitles for people who are deaf or hard of hearing are aimed at enabling full reception and understanding of the audio message. The preparation of subtitles for those who are hard of hearing follows most of the general principles of subtitling but also includes techniques which produce the best possible presentation of the soundtrack in words. Apart from dialogue, the subtitles therefore also include non-verbal utterances and information about significant sounds and music in the background.

Scope of our services:

  • Subtitling
  • Synchronisation of subtitles
  • Creation of dialogue lists
  • Translation of subtitles
  • Transcription
  • Adding subtitles to a DVD

We also offer transcription and presentation of subtitles live in various languages. This solution is often used by the organisers of conferences, sports events, plays and other performances. mLingua transcribers enter the spoken words in the original language into specialist software, which then displays subtitles in real time on a screen or broadcasts them via the Internet.

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