practice /'præktɪs/

n. repeated activity to learn

or perfect a skill; excercise

Creation of multilingual subtitles is a special type of translation requiring not only excellent knowledge of the foreign language and culture on the part of the translator, but also considerable creativity in order to adapt untranslatable expressions. Lack of time or space to enter a complete translation of a given line is a problem frequently encountered by the translator. This requires skilful editing if it is not to lead to excessive simplification of the message. Erroneous translations and unfortunate adaptations quickly become an object of ridicule for cinema-goers, which proves that this task cannot be handled by just anyone.

mLingua film studio offers professional subtitling services working from a dialogue list or the soundtrack.

Scope of our services:

  • Synchronisation of subtitles
  • Creation of dialogue lists
  • Translation of subtitles
  • Transcription
  • Post-production of images
  • Adding subtitles to a DVD
  • Preparation of HD/SD broadcasting carriers
  • Conversion and encoding

We use various formats for films and subtitles, including Adobe Encore DVD, Advanced SubStation Alpha, AQ Title, DKS Subtitle Format, MacSUB, MicroDVD, Mplayer, MPSub, Panimator, Power DivX, SubCreator, SubRip, SubStation Alpha, SubViewer and ViPlay Subtitle File.

More information can be provided by mLingua project managers, who are available at