practice /'præktɪs/

n. repeated activity to learn

or perfect a skill; excercise

Services / Audiovisual translation / Voice-over recording

Do you need a voice for a commercial, film, computer game, call script or device messages? The mLingua recording studio offers voice-over services using voice-over artists of various nationalities, genders, ages and timbres.

Our offer is not limited to voice-over talent only – we have considerable post-production experience, including, amongst other things, editing location sound, recording of post-synchronous sound, sound effects, DD 2.0-5.1 recordings and mastering.

Scope of our services:

  • Creation of radio commercials
  • Sound production in films
  • Recording of shop advertisements
  • Sound production in multimedia
  • Sound post-production of Internet advertising spots
  • Preparation of call scripts
  • Voicing toys
  • Audio description
  • Adaptation of language to the recipient's culture
  • Hotline preparation
  • Audiobook production
  • Voice-over and dubbing

More information can be provided by mLingua project managers, who are available at