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ECONO® translations

from $0.06 per word

Suggested intended use Budget projects
Number of people* 2-4
Compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Yes
Compliance with European Quality Standard for Translation Services EN 15038:2006
Graphic processing by a DTP specialist Yes
Review and proofreading of the source text**
Revision by another translator
Review and localisation of the target text by a native speaker***
Proofreading by a proofreader
Cost Low

*Number of people involved in the translation process for a single language combination.
**Review and proofreading of the source text are performed at the request of the client.
***For translations into English, the native speaker is an English reviewer with specialist knowledge in the relevant area.

Source text (the text to be translated, provided by the client)
Preparation for translation (conversion of the file to a suitable text format by a DTP specialist, creation of a glossary, configuration of the CAT software)
Review and proofreading of the source text (improving the quality before starting the translation)
Translation (translation of the source text to the target language by a translator)
Revision (revision of the translation by another translator, checking the accuracy of the translation by comparing it with the source text sentence by sentence)
Review and localisation (cultural and linguistic adaptation of the translation by a native speaker)
Graphic processing (typesetting of the translation by a DTP specialist)
Proofreading (checking of the text by a proofreader)
Target text (translation delivered to the client)

The ECONO® translation is not recommended for specialist materials.

  Normal turnaround
translation of up to 5 pages a day
  Fast turnaround
translation of up to 10 pages a day
  Express turnaround
translation of up to 100 pages a day

Additional services available for ECONO® translation clients

Localisation and globalisation

  • Multilingual SEO/SEM services
  • Multilingual CMS systems

Comprehensive translation services

  • Management of translation projects
  • Linguistic consulting

Translation technologies

  • Server-based CAT systems
  • Data extraction and conversion
  • Alignment of translation memories
  • Alignment of parallel texts
  • Machine translation systems
  • Terminology databases