bravery /'breɪvərɪ/

n. the condition or state of being

brave; courage; feeling no fear

Industries / Travel and tourism translation

The Internet has created a vibrant and highly competitive international tourism marketplace. As the tourism industry continues to expand globally, striving to acquire more businesses and reach new and emerging markets, an increasing number of companies in the sector rely on professional travel and hospitality translation services to assist with foreign language communication and help break down language barriers.

Whether your organisation is a hotel or airline company, tour operator or car rental agency, reaching out to diverse audiences – be they employees or consumers you wish to target – is an essential part of the process of growing your brand and increasing profitability in the highly competitive environment.

With an extensive network of the most stringently tested language specialists, mLingua has access to linguists who can offer expert solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our cutting-edge technologies and translation memory solutions are professionally implemented to streamline workflow and reduce cost and time-to-market. mLingua’s ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 standards ensure that we provide the highest quality solutions – each and every time.

We regularly translate and localise:

  • Tour guides
  • Maps and itineraries
  • Directories and listings
  • In-flight magazines
  • Restaurant menus
  • Museum guides
  • Hotel directories
  • PR campaigns.

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