bravery /'breɪvərɪ/

n. the condition or state of being

brave; courage; feeling no fear

Industries / Electronics and hi-tech translations

In the consumer electronic goods industry, high levels of competition and demand in emerging markets mean that manufacturers have to constantly innovate and outsource production in order to remain competitive. In response to increasing cost pressures, manufacturers of telecommunications equipment are moving into fast-growing markets. They have to efficiently manage international operations, taking into account that local workforces assemble components sourced from suppliers all over the world – providing another significant challenge. To succeed, companies have to manage, share and protect enormous amounts of their technology and product-related information in multiple languages and through a range of publication channels. As they operate in various time zones, they also have to assure round-the-clock availability of information.

mLingua's dedicated electronics and hi-tech translation team understands the challenges that face companies as they grow their business in new sectors. As the globalisation of markets continues, being able to communicate effectively in every language and culture becomes increasingly important.

With a strong technical background, mLingua provides a complete set of multilingual localisation solutions for the electronics and hi-tech industry streamlining translation, L10n engineering, testing and multilingual publishing. Our cutting-edge technologies and translation memory solutions are professionally implemented to optimise workflow and reduce cost and time-to-market. mLingua’s ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 standards ensure that we deliver the highest quality solutions – every time.

We routinely provide expert translation, localisation, formatting and testing services for a broad range of published materials, including:

  • Product specifications
  • Product catalogues
  • Technical datasheets
  • Studies and papers
  • Engineering schematics
  • Websites.

If you would like to learn more about our electronic and hi-tech translation services, contact us today at Our team will be happy to discuss your upcoming tasks and provide a no-obligation quotation.