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brave; courage; feeling no fear

Industries / Automotive translations

No sector of the industrial world relies more heavily on multilingual marketing than the automotive industry. Manufacturers, suppliers and advertising agencies know translation is an indispensable tool at the end of the production cycle. Delays in production schedules and author changes at the last minute are commonplace, directly affecting the workflow at the centre of the localisation process. Nevertheless, technical manuals, reseller and leasing programmes, brochures and other marketing documents for export must always be ready by the deadlines specified. Automotive industry challenges and global competition mean that smart localisation integration is important from the very beginning of the documentation development process.

By combining highly accurate translations of measurable quality, with state-of-the-art technology and processes, mLingua sets new localisation standards for the automotive industry, providing localisation solutions that are both high quality and affordable. Whether your unique selling proposition is exceptional design, driver comfort or innovations in steering, suspension or weight distribution – mLingua’s specialised automotive translators are just as passionate about cars as you are.

Through our cooperation with automotive companies, mLingua has developed a unique skill-set and can provide unparalleled translation, localisation and business services customised to this industry. To maintain our reputation for excellence, we make sure we understand the issues faced by our automotive clients. In addition to keeping ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 standards, mLingua uses professional in-country experts from the fields of automotive and engineering research. We know the importance of quality assurance and regulatory compliance, and invest in specially trained linguists who fully comply with other industry standards, such as the Society of Automotive Engineers’ SAE J2450. Manufacturing processes in the automotive industry employ various quality standards to obtain an objective measurement of production quality. In the same way, SAE J2450 consists of seven metrics to measure localisation quality. One of the principal goals of SAE J2450 is to ensure that consistent standards are applied to ensure objective translations.

We translate and localise all of these on a regular basis:

  • Technical manuals & documentation
  • Service manuals & warranty books
  • Diagnosis & maintenance guides
  • Corporate communication documents
  • Reseller & leasing programme documentation
  • Promotional materials
  • Automotive research reports
  • Advertising & marketing materials

Find out why so many companies have come to rely on mLingua to manage all their automotive translation projects. Contact us today at for a free quote on your next project.